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27 Feb 2015

Five Memories. Fantasy after Yiruma's motive

Five Memories. Fantasy after Yiruma's motive "Rivers flows in you"

The cycle of "Voice of Asia" began to be created by me back in 1994. Then in Alma-ATA, was held the international festival "Voice of Asia ", where my music celebrated the 1st prize. It was a vocal composition with choreography, pantomime, effects... 
But the Main bonus for me was the opportunity to get acquainted with the work of many Eastern musicians. Since then and until now, I have great interest in watching the "voices of the East". I like that some of my instrumental compositions, created in a scholarly manner, formed the basis of choreographic sketches of famous dancers from Japan - Chisato Ishikawa (Tisato Isikava). With the work which I had the happiness to meet personally. 
In 2002, I heard a recording of a very democratic and sensual music Korean pianist Yu Ru MA. I liked it the didactic aspect of his compositions. I wanted to write something in this fashion, style, texture and design elements.
Thus was born the cycles of "MEMORIES"(MEMORIES), which are a logical continuation of the cycles of the "Voice of ASIA".
Proposed, dear visitors of the portal MusicaNeo" cycle Five Memories Op.38, No.1 (2002) is a Suite, in which the introduction and the Coda is four bars of music Yu Ru MA. These 4-d quantum serve as musical material and idea to development and imagination. Five Memories is designed to study at music schools. As well as lovers of piano miniatures.



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