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Alexander Khodakovsky


Alexander Khodakovsky

Alexander Khodakovsky (Oleksandr Hodakivsky-Malkevich - XV) Alexander, teacher, composer, inventor of the musical instrument, Honored Artist of Ukraine.
Apprentice I. Krivenchuk, V. Petrov, composer A. Stetsjuk.
Founder and first classical guitar teacher in Zhytomyr State Musical College. VS Kosenko (in 1981), Zhitomir music school № 1. B. Liatoshynsky and number 3, Zhytomyr State Institute of Arts, the National Academy of Management Development Culture and the Arts. (Taught - Specialty (guitar), conducting, orchestration, the reading of scores, class ensemble, teaching, accompaniment and performance practice. Course author "Information for musicians - 2000"
Author of artistic and educational programs on the history of the guitar in Volyn-Zhytomyr. Researcher of folklore and ethnologist Polesie. Creates the concept of "International Guitar Academy - 89" (IGA-89). The author of the annual concert programs "Guitar - gentle love of my heart" (in memory of Mark Sokolovsky 1818-1883), "Gitarissimo", «NEOCLASSIC», "Horizons of the string and the sound", etc. Author of "Guitar Concerts in urban areas," which provided Promote open guitar at music schools Zhytomyr regional centers. Artistic director of the festival Zhytomyr "Gitarissimo."
Concerts - «Zhitomir guitar duo with programs: GUITAR - SWEET LOVE IN MY HEART» in cities: Prague, Shtirin, Kutna Hora (Czech Republic), Bratislava (Slovakia). Early Music Festivals "Hohanes costel" - Salzburg, Innsbruck, Vienna (Austria), Zurich, Lausanne (Switzerland), NEOCLASSIC - Warsaw (Poland), Moscow (Russia). For Ukrainian and foreign theaters, puppet theaters and wrote the original music for more than 40 - plays, television, shows, KVN.
The inventor of stringed musical instruments (patent number 35,657 in the state register of patents for inventions in Ukraine 25.09.2008). More than 100 students of class - teachers of music schools, music schools in Ukraine and Russia. Zhytomyr College of Culture and Arts. I. Ogienko, soloists, the orchestra, Doctor of Arts. Has trained 10 winners and winners of national and international competitions.
State awards: Winner of the Prize. Lesya Ukrainka in the field of literature and art - 2012. Letters Zhytomyr Oblast Council - 1987, 1995, 2005, 2009. Ministry of Culture of Ukraine - 2000. Order "For Merit" First Degree, Russian Awards Committee - (Moscow, 2008).
Scientific and methodological work: the author of numerous didactic works, among which are: No Comments A. "An outstanding singer guitar from Volhynia." Proceedings of the All-Ukrainian Scientific Studies Conference on the 130th anniversary of the Zhytomyr Oblast Universal Scientific Library. named O. Olzhicha - 1996; Khodakovsky "Informatics for musicians" in 2000. Virtuoso performance art XIX century. Guitarist Mark Sokolowski (1818-1883), the avant-garde tradition and modern compositions for guitar / / Collection of scientific works "Problems with art, pedagogy and the theory and practice of education Kharkov university: HDUM them. IP Kotlyarevskogo - Issue 23, 31.