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  • 24 Aug 2012, Article
  • Face to face, or soul to soul - 3
  • Tomy eyes, however, it always appeared asymmetric, which aroused in me a deep cravingfor harmony. For a long time, romantic residues left their imprint to my soul,like the footprints of the abominable showman on the silver snow of the world'ssummit. True, comparatively soon I managed to tear my lovesick eyes from thelifeless features of the moon, turning them towards the face of Man-even intothe fathomless depths of his spirit. But before this I had reach maturity -musical and philosophical. From the ...
  • 24 Aug 2012, Article
  • Face to face, or soul to soul - 2
  • Perhaps,my mind was already saddened by the world's imperfection, and I wanted to sharemy emotion with the evening moon peering stealthily into my room with its pale,magic profile. Or perhaps, at the foot of the world's music mountain, I wasalready oppressed by forebodings of a Sisyphean life - task. As far back asthen? I must have had romantic inclinations: dialogues with the moon, stars,wind, rain, thunderstorm and white storks were to me vital necessity, creative,like bread is for the hungry. I ...
  • 23 Aug 2012, Article
  • Face to face, or soul to soul
  • It is impossible to invite Music to you,   But you can hold the soul open... It is impossible to invite Wind to your house,   But you can leave the window open...          A musician, they say, is what his biography makes him. Perhaps not one hundred per cent, but to a considerable extend this is true. I don't believe life and music can be divided. There are plentiful co-ordinates at which they intersect. What follow then is either fierce ...
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