Alexander Khodakovsky

Alexander Khodakovsky

For anyone who loves music

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It is impossible to invite Music to you,

 Butyou can hold the soul open...

It is impossible to invite Wind to your house,

 But you can leave the window open...

       A musician, they say, is what his biography makes him. Perhaps not one hundred per cent, but to a considerable extend this is true. I don't believe life and music can be divided. There are plentiful co-ordinates at which they intersect. What follow then is either fierce conflict, or fraternization and genuine companionship. During my life I was to experience both.

           I never built my self an Ebony Tower, always shutting between poles: music-psychology of creations, pedagogic-composition, ancient history - secret the human nature, human spirit...

Alex Khodakovsky METHAGRAMMES

Alexander Khodakovsky ROCKSOLANA

Alex Khodakovsky Prelude&Romance

Alex Khodakovsky LIZARD

Alex Khodakovsky Lasernight

Alex Khodakovsky PARAPHRASE

Alex Khodakovsky CARPATHIA funk-picture for guitar (demo)

Neue Noten
Ukrainian Suite No.5, Op.12 No.3
Weltmusik / Ethno / Ukrainische
Ukrainian suite No.4, Op.11 No.9
Weltmusik / Ethno / Ukrainische
Caprice No.24, Op.14 No.8
Klassische Musik / Musikstück
Rondino, Op.11 No.8
Klassische Musik / Musikstück
Этюд No.40, Op.67
Klassische Musik / Etüde
Boogeyboy, Op.40 No.8
Blues / Boogie-Woogie
14 Dezember 2016, Artikel
Экспромт №2
15 Oktober 2016, Artikel
Пьеса написана для театра. В последствви , аранжирована для камерного оркестра. Но чаще исполняется учениками, как современная виртуозная миниатюра.
05 Oktober 2016, Artikel
Коллаж №5 для фортепиано
Коллаж... Сочинение написано довольно давно. Как желание прикоснуться к миру знаменитых джазовых стандартов. Когда калейдоскоп тем сливается в единый поток воспоминаний и ощущений из золотого века джаза.